IMG-20130314-00090     I have to say that I love chic classics, but as a high fashion editor and stylist, I’ve learned to beware of some older prestige brands purporting to re-invent themselves. What they do is often just not enough to make them really modern. But, happily, not so with Sperry, of classic topsider sailing shoe fame.


     Last month at the launch of their new Fifth Avenue NY flagship  store, Sperry unveiled some of their newly colorful and wildly patterned spring offerings. Pizzaammm!


     Care for a leopard or zebra-striped topsider? A bright, abstract print or yellow (or cobalt or hot pink) soled “classic”? Tri-colors, metallics, glitters, patent and sequined versions?  And who knew Sperry did such great flat sandals?  Totally chic, and up there with some of the best names in luxury shoes.


     Comfortable, cool, and casually retro in a fun way, the newest topsiders look great with skirts and dresses as well as the obvious shorts and jeans.  I love them for men with summer suits– and with more work-like jackets and pants for women. (Go against type is my #1 fashion rule.)


So, put your fashion boat in the water for Spring and set sail with a pair of Sperrys (www.sperry.com). Humor and great summer style are your co-captains!

Gather Some Hunters

Hunter dark gray rubber heeled boot

This past winter you saw them coming and going. This spring you’ll see them in bright colors and patterns for wet weather .  And next fall, if you love

Hunter spice lace-up rubber boot

your Hunter Boots, you’ll have a chance to move the trend on to some totally new and super cool styles.  I went to their fall presentation a week or so ago, and I must say their niche line hits just the right mark.

Their  ubiquitous flat rubber rain boots deserved their huge success, but almost became this year’s Ugg, when they were worn by every woman from five to seventy-five, sometimes in not so amazing ways.  (It was sort of like when women wore athletic sneakers to work with knee-length skirts and clear pantyhose.  It  kind of gave you a twist in your fashion gut.  Not the boot’s fault – after all, they are a great product – but seeing so many  made you leery for a while after a bad sighting. )  But, even I  totally get and love their super style plus function appeal – I recently styled one of my celebrities for an editorial in an platinum Alexander McQueen satin evening gown and silver Hunters!   (I just love juxtaposition!)

Hunter berry and black cuffed rubber boot

But the Hunter folks are smart enough to stay ahead of their own game,. and have moved into completely new territory for next fall.  Their new boots are really good-looking, cool and classic with a twist.  Some could almost be called fashion-y, but still tow the classic line.

And they have THE BAG I would not hesitate to call the absolute chic-est tote of the year.  I want to own it (or

Very berry Hunter tall rubber tote

several!) in black, dark green, spice orange …  It is rare for me to walk into a store and fall in love with a bag – I’m very anti “It” bag — but this one is sleek, just plain enough to keep  people guessing its origin and it’s rubberized material gives it a cool, luxe look.  Very smart, and not just for wet weather.

Hunter orange spice tall rubber totoie

Got to LOVE great design-it’s what keeps us fashion folks going!  So, bring on the rain, mud, snow, sleet, puddles, sprinklers, surf, and even the sunshine, and gather some Hunters.