IMG-20130314-00090     I have to say that I love chic classics, but as a high fashion editor and stylist, I’ve learned to beware of some older prestige brands purporting to re-invent themselves. What they do is often just not enough to make them really modern. But, happily, not so with Sperry, of classic topsider sailing shoe fame.


     Last month at the launch of their new Fifth Avenue NY flagship  store, Sperry unveiled some of their newly colorful and wildly patterned spring offerings. Pizzaammm!


     Care for a leopard or zebra-striped topsider? A bright, abstract print or yellow (or cobalt or hot pink) soled “classic”? Tri-colors, metallics, glitters, patent and sequined versions?  And who knew Sperry did such great flat sandals?  Totally chic, and up there with some of the best names in luxury shoes.


     Comfortable, cool, and casually retro in a fun way, the newest topsiders look great with skirts and dresses as well as the obvious shorts and jeans.  I love them for men with summer suits– and with more work-like jackets and pants for women. (Go against type is my #1 fashion rule.)


So, put your fashion boat in the water for Spring and set sail with a pair of Sperrys (www.sperry.com). Humor and great summer style are your co-captains!


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Just when winter’s becoming longer and drearier than we ever remember it, and the Northeast is being hit with another monster snowstorm, I walk into a store and see something so spring pretty, I am transported instantly to tulip time. And I need to envision something flowery t0 get me through this latest round of slush and ice (slice?)

The clearest, palest shell pink, just this side of a lavender tint, in a fitted short notch

Banana Republic's short crinkle blazer

collar jacket at Banana Republic is what sends me dreaming. It’s slightly shiny, too, which is cool, and it feels silky, though it’s made of cotton and nylon with a bit of metallic thread. I am not a pink person at all, but this is something I absolutely must have. (It comes in a nice stone beige color too, but it’s not nearly as delicious.)

I know this jacket will look great with jeans, white shorts, a silver mini for evening, not to mention great for work with gray, navy, white, beige, cream, or, mixing it with another pastel in a jean (there’ll be lots of pastel denim coming into the stores for spring) or a pastel slim skirt. It’s $130.00, but a piece of pretty that’ll have nine style lives through September.

Despite my being anti-pink, it’s a terrifically flattering color for winter-tired skin, too. And, on a day like this, feeling like you look enviably great, really helps you slog through all that “slice” out there. Even the snowmen might wolf-whistle…