Who am I?

Carla Engler is a well-known New York fashion editor and stylist, who has spent her career at the best fashion and style magazines in the country. From the high-end Harper’s Bazaar, to Allure, Elle, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Self, to more popular Redbook and Ladies Home Journal (and for numerous prestigious advertising and commercial clients), she has searched out, styled and created amazing looks at every price point.

Carla has worked with top American and European designer clothing, couture, vintage, and young, cutting-edge fashion. But, she has always made it her business to know the lines that deliver great fashion at a reasonable price. Now, luckily, there are more of these than ever, and she’ll mine them for you. She believes style can and should be democratic: it’s for all of us who care enough to look our best, no matter how much or little money we have.

And she knows what looks right on all age groups. Most often, her choices will be based on trends that can be worn by everyone, from twenties to seventies, with styling tips and style encouragement for the fashion fearful.  Every real woman she polled as fashion director at two top mass market magazines had these wishes and complaints about fashion:

  • I want to look appropriate – for my age, my job, my move up in life, for a special occasion.
  • I can’t find anything to buy in the stores. It’s all for the super-thin and/or teenagers, or way too old and boring. I’m still young (or young in outlook) and I want to look interesting.
  • I want to have more individual style.
  • I want to get out of my fashion rut, but I don’t know how.
  • I need to dress well, but I need to do it at a price.
  • I need to find more clothes that are right for my figure.
  • I’m confused by what I see in the stores and how it’s presented-what is right for me?

As a style insider, Carla really knows her way around top designer, middle and mass market lines, and cool, less expensive and little-known resources. She will put her well-trained eye to work for you. Think of her as your personal fashion editor who will find the best style surprises for you.

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