Pantless On A Prayer

I’m all for slim and skinny when it comes to jeans, and I like comfortable clothes too, but how did skin-tight leggings replace pants altogether for many women who should never wear the look in the first place?


I’m noticing more women of all ages going pantless these days, and mostly, it’s not an attractive street or work sight. Unless you have almost no curves and stick straight legs with slim thighs, wearing leggings with a top that barely covers (or doesn’t) your bum should not be an option.

It’s also a bit of a tawdry look, especially those leather-lookalike leggings that everybody and their grandmother has gotten the fashion message they should try.  So much for the democratization of punk.

I mean, you can just look at a person and tell whether they are subversive enough to authentically wear leather-ish things. Many mass brands have marketed their cheaper semi-shiny black leggings as a leather jeans replacement that bestows “rebel cool” and women of all stripes have slavishly bought a pair.  Word to the wise: a fashion trap to avoid — this kind of false “cool” can easily become ‘fool” on the wrong person.  NG.