This Minute

At The Tents

Badgley Mischka Show 10 am Tuesday 2/16/10 – The show was supposedly inspired by images of the cosmos — thus, the stunning glittery silver beaded and sequined short modern cocktail dresses in the first group — and by Mad Max, seen in the tough-glam black wool sweater vest and pewter legging,and a black sequin and faux fur cocoon coat in what followed.

And, what followed was, for the most part, a clever and light rendition of those themes from the designing duo. It seems they want to introduce a younger, edgier and more modern vibe in their contemporary Mark and James line, of which many of the daily wear pieces in the last half of the show were. Perhaps they are trying to send a message to their clients – modernize, modernize — and steer their customer toward a more relaxed elegance, rather than the formal charity ball stiffness that many wear their clothes with. Pale gray knits with silver leather pants or a printed sequin legging were still super-chic and glam, but easier and more fun in this vein. But, they did not forget their die-hard gala dress fans with plenty of short sequined and beaded numbers and a few floor-sweepers that opened the show.

The polished, high ’80’s-influenced hair –both up and long — also kept the designers feet firmly planted in the glamour camp. No high concept hijinks or waifishly modern mismatched oddities for them. They are men who like their women gorgeous, and, it seems, they have veritable galaxies of women who love what they conjure out of the ether.

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