Buy Right Now

Every now and then you walk into a store, and a piece just screams “Buy me” for no particular good reason except that it looks great . And, it must hit some note in the zeitgeist of the moment you didn’t even know was lurking in your brain. That’s why I’m creating this new category on STYLED.

So what’s Buy Right Now today? A bit of up color and great new shape at Club Monaco — a hot fuschia merino wool plunge V long sleeve sweater that has just the right amount of roomy dolman shape under the arms to look new in that “big-on-top, little-on-the-bottom” new-again ’80’s way that’s so hot at the moment.

Wear it tucked into a slim, knee-length skirt with a tank under it and a great necklace, or out over a shorter mini, skinny jeans or leggings. It’s a great mid-winter lift for your wardrobe and your psyche. And, it’ll look great out on Valentine’s Day with a silver sequin short skirt, or a simpler black one. It’s $79.00 so it won’t make your ink run pink – just fuschia.

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