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Faux Chic

Fake fur is coming at us strong — at every kind of store/website from mass to class. This fun trend, inspired by this fashion’s current fall fascination with the “sauvage” look, and texture in general, takes shape in everything from boho “mongolian lamb” vests to elegant longer “mink” jackets.

I’ve always detested fake fur because it looked so…well. fake. But I love animals and I have been trying hard to wrap my head around that new 21st century aesthetic of loving the obviously artificial in spite of its polymer content. (You know – the one that holds that the really fake-looking is better than a fake trying to look real.)

But, somehow, quality still counts even among the legions of four-footed fakery pawing and clawing its way off the racks. The only fakes that really catch my

Zara "mink" vest

eye are deeply piled and rich in color or in a very well-done pattern. Overly cheesy, shiny fabrics, colors or bad prints that would never survive in nature just don’t cut it in the fake fur world.

So,no one will really think you’ve inherited mom’s mink jacket when they see you up close, but that’s not the point of the new fake furs. People will think you have a spirited sense of whimsy and fun, and that IS the point.

This season’s best include: Zara‘s great dark brown “mink” uneven hem vest that’s as “rich girl” a look as I’ve seen anywhere for a price that’s not -$79.50.

H&M‘s black “fox” short vest adds a bold boho touch to Saturday jeans or a gray work pencil skirt and turtleneck.

MICHAEL Michael Kors faux coyote vest

MICHAEL Michael Korsfaux coyote vest looks super with jeans and a sweater or over a dress for work. $129.50.

H&M also boasts a very nice-looking pale blond “mink” jacket that super-chic and luxe looking. They also have a red “fox” chubby that’s got this fall’s 40’s style totally down.

Esprit‘s fluffy “raccoon” vest is a fun bit to throw on with jeans and a sweater, or over a pale cream skirt and turtle for work. It’s $89.50 — a slim price for a lot of rich texture.

Esprit faux fur vest

Zara is really going all out for faux — they even have a terrific trim black broadtail reefer coat for men! I say buy it in the smallest size and enjoy a really elegant way to set off simple basics. It’s single-breasted and really a super stylish look with a white shirt and tuxedo pants for dressing up, or use to add richness to grey flannel for work or jeans for weekend brunch. It also comes as a jacket.

Express has a really luxe looking leopard wrap hip length jacket for $168.00. Over a black dress or black pants and sweater, suddenly black isn’t so basic.

Express leopard jacket

Zara‘s “ocelot” 3/4 collarless cardigan coat for $99.00 that is the perfect and perfectly chic offbeat touch for a wardrobe of classics. Think white shirt, gray pencil pants and ocelot – at $99.00, really great!

So, faux for it and have fun with fashion!