STYLED: What and Why

Welcome to STYLED!
STYLED is a fashion blog designed to help REAL women find absolutely the best wardrobe pieces out there RIGHT NOW – clothing that adds personality, individuality, versatility and has lots of style value.
The coolest, most stylish pieces from stores, websites, catalogs and individual showrooms will be reviewed with a fashion editor’s trained eye, and a sophisticated point of view that’s right for grown-ups – simply chic and sometimes quirky and individual. You’ll get fresh, frequent recommendations from different resources that you can buy and use the minute you see them ,or save up for a rainy shopping day.

What can STYLED do for you?

The pieces we point out will help you break out of your style rut. They’ll be appropriate for all of us who aren’t teenagers anymore, at prices that won’t leave you speechless and won’t leave your wallet sucked into a bottomless style money pit. Most importantly, they’ll help you find your best stylist – yourself.

Why STYLED now?
1. BECAUSE we’re in a deep RECESSION, and thinking beyond this to a brave new and better future, we’ll need value and versatility for our money more than ever. We need to make every item of clothing we spend on count. Fashion for fashion’s sake is way dead, and I wont tell you to buy unless I see added value and a realistic price.
2. BECAUSE I HEARD YOU OUT THERE ! Every real woman I polled as fashion director at two top mass market magazines had these wishes and complaints about fashion:
_ I want to look appropriate _ for my age, my job, my move up in life, for a special occasion in my life.
_ I can’t find anything to buy in the stores. It’s all for the super-thin and/or teenagers, or way too old and boring. I’m still young (or young in outlook) and I want to look interesting.
_ I want to have more individual style.
_ I want to get out of my fashion rut, but I don’t know how.
_I need to dress well, but I need to do it at a price.
_ I need to find more clothes that are right for my figure.
_ I ‘m confused by all of what I see in the stores and how it’s presented- what is right for me?
3 . Personally, I decided to do this blog now because of EXPLODING PRICES. Take the “It” bag. You know, that bag that’s suddenly the one that every actress and model has to carry, the one that’s being copied everywhere.
Last year, as I zeroed in on my newest bag of desire (usually never bought, just identified and coveted), I nearly gagged and fell off my four-inch editor heels. I’ve been around luxury goods my whole life and know they command top dollar because of great design, quality materials and that indefinable prestige factor, but this was way beyond any price zone I could have imagined.
What were the handbag people thinking? $5000? (Five years ago, I paid $1000 for a bag from the new Marc Jacobs line- the most expensive bag I ever purchased. Had an “It” bag really jumped $1000 a year?)
Something just snapped right there with that price tag, and I said “Enough”! I could no longer defend my industry. This was unconscionable and unnecessary, and so, so unrealistic and unfair to make women covet what most could not hope to own.

STYLED is because YES,WE CAN LOOK GREAT FOR LESS. REALLY. My blog will be about helping you find great alternatives to the expensive fashion must-haves that we are told define style.

As my blog progresses, there will be rotating focuses on work, casual and evening clothes. There will be discussions of how to wear a fashion item and when; different ways to style an item for versatility; figure problems; stylist’s secrets; designer focuses and much, much more. Stay tuned.
So, here goes the first bit — relax, sit back and enjoy. And, by all means, comment. Welcome to STYLED.

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