Memo To: Fashion Public

Re: Weird Pants

Listen, guys, I am the last person not to try something avant-garde or new, but sometimes you can just see a a fashion disaster waiting to happen. That honor goes this summer season to all those shorter, baggy, pleated types of pants designers created because they were tired of all the classic choices. Fashion turns on change, so the lean, narrow, long and tight had been in, so now it was time for wider, looser and shorter. Okay. Sounds comfortable, right? What’s wrong with that you ask?

In my opinion, plenty. If you are wider or shorter, which most people are, compared to models, these extra pleats and drapey fabric will only add inches, and cropping pants shorter just cuts your silhouette at an unflattering spot and you’ll end up exaggerating your smaller frame. These pants looked awesome and louche-ly chic on the runway, but for real women, the trend spells big trouble. Any store that bought them for a large range of customers will have to get its salespeople to charm these pants on to any unsuspecting victim they can. Beware the salesvulture carrying ugly pants!!

Look for other fashion commentary here in STYLED: CC’D from time to time.

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